Shameless Self Indulgence In Autobiographical Content

Mike J.
Mike J. - 12/04/2020

This weekend I am cleaning my work area and sorting everything I need for each project. This blog will be a living document until Monday so I can post updates as I do it to help self-motivate and focus.


9:00 - Clean Bedroom/Studio Space
11:00 - Sort through art supplies. Inventory.
12:00 - Sort through writings/scribbles. OC Only.
1:00 - Organize Garage
3:00 - Brainstorm TODO for Webcomic CMS
4:00 - Apply Potential Changes
5:00 - Install For Each Webcomic Concept
6:00 + Thumbnail/Sketch For Each Webcomic

9:00 - Clean Living Quaters, Vacuum, Shampoo
11:00 - Update Webcartooning
12:00 - Recreate Webcomic News Staging
1:00 - Recreate Webcomic Community Staging
2:00 - Recreate PugBot (Webcomic Database Spider)
3:00 - Attempt A Prestashop Install W/ Dummy Catalog
4:00 - Catch Up Any Of The Above
6:00 + Attempt Pilot Comics

If I can pull this off, I'll be on the fast track to have these goals fast tracked for 2021. It may not sound like much but these have been haunting me for the better part of a decade.

Mike J.
Mike J. - 12/03/2020

I have so many projects on the backburner. It's become a habit to start a new project before finishing the previous one. Now I'm left with a household of unfinished ideas and concepts. This is an organized list of what I am currently working on in descending order of importance.

This is grossly oversimplifying of course, yet it seems like something that would be manageable. I just need to sit down and do it. "Don't stop when you're tired, stop when you're done."

Mike J.
Mike J. - 12/02/2020

Lonely Fetus was the first domain name I've ever owned - way back in, like, the year 2000. It originally was spelled slightly different, but that version was poached by Spanish Pornography.

I originally wanted it to be a grimdark edgelord Hot Gothic(tm) version of Yahoo. It had a very basic web directory with less than half a dozen links each, websearch function, and free webmail.

For fun I just looked it up on archive.org and it was extremely embarrassing. Early goth teenager garbage. Wow.

To be fair, this thing pre-existed Google, Facebook,... MySpace.

Eventually I discovered very early webcomics, especially single panel dailies like Toothpaste For Dinner and Natalie Dee.

My best friend got tired of me pushing them down everyone's throat saying that anyone could draw them. Well then, why don't we? So we both made similar attempts at bad art with the sole intention of making myself smile and it went well for a while. He lost interest after a few months but I was hooked.

I was proud of those days and still have friends and acquaintances despite doing damn near all of it with a pseudonym. I still long for making webcomics and the trinkle of attention that came with it.

For nearly 15 years Lonely Fetus has been mostly abandoned. I used it for staging and test sites from time to time but it'd be nice to look back at what it once was, and finally move forward.

It's beautiful - and we haven't even done anything to it yet. - Bob Ross

Mike J.
Mike J. - 12/01/2020

This is the end of a year. Some might say THE year. But I can guarantee you no matter how it treated you, 2020 was certainly A year.

My grandmother died gently in her sleep at age 91 on Friday the 20th, last month. She was one of the sweetest people I've ever known. She was old fashioned yet very open minded. She was smart and quick witted. A writer whose stories I have never had the pleasure of reading.

Whenever something like this happens it leaves you wondering what conversations you've missed out on.

You think about death. You think about life. You think about how much everything matters and how none of it does. You think about everything you've ever started and will never finish.

I think that may be why I'm starting this journal.

I want to leave something behind to be forgottem.

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